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When I make money in the B quadrant, I immediately invest more in the I quadrant.If I spent my money from the B Quadrant, I would not be as wealthy and I’d pay higher taxes.For example, if I make $100,000 in the B quadrant, I will either invest in a real estate project or an oil and gas project.Not only do I acquire more assets, I gain more cash flow and, again, reduce my taxes.Kim and I put up $1 million as our down payment.We improved the property and added new apartments.The rents went up and, on the basis of the additional income generated, the bank refinanced our loan on the property.With the new loan on the property, Kim and I received our $1 million investment back, tax free, because it was debt.The bank is our partner that has provided 100% of money invested, but we receive 100% of the appreciation, amortization, and depreciation.This is why I love banks.They are the best partners, providing that you are a good partner to them.The tax department is also a great partner because we are doing what the government wants done, which is employing people, using debt, and providing housing.The core principles in my first investment in 1973 and in the investments Kim and I do today are the same.Only the number of zeros in the amount of the transactions has changed.This is an example of The Law of Compensation in action, the law that states as education an experience goes up your compensation goes up as well.The moment all of our money is pulled out, via financing using 100% debt, the cash flow we receive is pure printed money.Banks Are the Best PartnersWhen it comes to investment partners, banks are the best.Most partners want to share in the profits and tax advantages, but banks don’t.Also make a note to talk with you tax preparer or a tax professional to explain these important terms in greater detail.The Velocity of MoneyMost people, especially Es and Ss park their money in savings, insurance policies, or in retirement accounts.Bs and Is borrow that money and keep the money moving by acquiring assets, then getting the money out of the asset to invest in another asset, over and over again.Their motivation is that they receive more and more income and pay less and less in taxes.This is because they do what the government wants done.They create jobs, housing, food, fuel, and use debt to make more money.Es and Ss park their money.The Bs and Is keep money moving.Es and Ss park their money.The Bs and Is keep money moving.It is a relic that has survived thousands of years.Many people are buying gold and silver to convert their fiat money into commodity money.The problem is that in doing so they do not acquire assets that produce cash flow.It doesn’t do much good for society or the economy, as it sits in a safe doing nothing.With our extra money we purchase gold and silver.We don’t save fiat, counterfeit, money.By being the Fed I’ve reversed the history of money.I start with fiat money and get back to commodity money.Two DadsI was fortunate to have two father figures in my life.They were my best teachers.I learned more from them than I learned in school.From my poor dad I learned the importance and value of study.From my rich dad, I learned the power of generosity.It’s a world that many ’A’ students, the academics, or ’B’ students, the bureaucracy, rarely see.In the big picture, life is not about grades.Life is about what you choose to study.As a parent, it is important to teach your child to take action and learn by doing.And when it comes to learning about money, great ways to do this is to take trips into the real world.In my poor dad’s home, money problems were never discussed nor were financial mistakes admitted.For my poor dad, to admit you had problems or made mistakes meant he was stupid or a failure.In other words, he brought his culture from school into our home.In my rich dad’s home, money problems and even mistakes related to money were learning opportunities.By seeking wisdom from the other side of the coin, you are teaching your children to increase their intelligence in all aspects of life.My poor dad believed that knowing the right answer was enough.For him, knowing that Columbus discovered America in 1492 was enough.My rich dad believed knowledge was action, what you knew you